Mother's Dream

by Nyle Quit The Band

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Sometimes inspired themes are born of delusion and dreams. Who is Nyle? Well, that's me the drummer that didn't write songs. Why did I Quit The Band and what is the meaning of "Mother’s Dream" ?   The answer is rooted in an adventure story that took me to hell and back. 

In ways I'm no different than many that have experienced a mental breakdown. In my case I lost my job, my house, my friends, and for a time, my mind. Anxiousness, depression, and panic clouded reason. In my story delusion and dreams hit the light of day. 

I bought a cheap guitar, learned a few chords and started writing and recording songs about my life and challenges. Maladies that left bruises were healed by melodies and music . I am here to testify, "Yes, I am better now, and I am compelled to share my story with the world that other people may find comfort and hope in this collection of songs, as a mother shares her hopes and dreams with a child.”

Nyle may have "Quit the Band" but after many years and many trials my story of healing is contained in "Mother's Dream". 

A portion of any profits generated from the sale or streaming of this album will be payed forward to help children in need.

“One positive step leads to a giant leap of faith”
Join the movement - Quit the Band


released August 19, 2016

A portion of any profits generated from the sale or streaming of this album will be payed forward to help children in need.

The music video for the first single, check it out here:

Written, Produced, Arranged, and Recorded by: Nyle Girgis
Recorded in The Blue Room (San Gabriel, California)

Artwork by: Brandon Venable
Additional Graphics: Nyle Girgis



all rights reserved


Nyle Quit the Band Pasadena, California

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Track Name: Gooday Sunshine
Verse I:
Too much, too little, too late

Oh boy it's always something

Too fast, too slow, can't take

This trouble any longer

This feeling I can't shake

Would someone break these chains

I've tried I've cried no way

I pray to save the day

If you only know how great you are

Good intentions only go so far


Gooday, Gooday Sunshine

Can't wait 'til you're all mine

Gooday, Gooday Sunshine 

Feelin', feelin' so fine

Verse II:

Too much, too little, too late

Hey boys she's lookin' my way

So pretty wanna know her name

Too shy got nothing to say
Too bold does it matter anyway ?

It's a chance that I have to take

It's a fear that I have to face

I think I'll shine today

If you only know how great you are

Good intentions only go so far

Chorus (Repeat)

Gooday, Gooday my sunshine it's tuesday

You slept through the night it's a new day
A new day my sunshine for you 

Welcome home...Sha-La's

Chorus Repeat Out
Track Name: Tryin'
Chorus I:
I’m Tryin'
To keep myself inspired
In spite of feeling tired and blue

I’m Tryin’
To keep myself from cryin'
Myself to sleep at night ’n
Thinkin' about you

Verse I:
My head rings but my heart sings
It's such a funny thing
‘Cause when you lose a thing you love
You start from the beginning

Chorus repeat

We all should know
What we're livin' for
If you don't, it'll show
You'll get cut twice
Like three blind mice

No I won't
Yes you will
No I won't
It's your fate
You're too late...

Ooh we whistle and wail ... repeat out
Track Name: Savior Ass
Verse I:
The maid can make your bed
The cook can get you fed
The gardner can trim your grass
But no one can savior ass but…

Chorus I:
You-who ?
You-who ?

Verse II;
Your doctor can give you meds
Your girl can give you head
The waiter can fill your glass
but no one can savior ass…but

Chorus repeat

Your boys can take you out
For a night on the town
Surely this will never last
Only you can savior ass…only

Chorus repeat

The sun is shining
The clouds have parted
Then out of nowhere comes the darkness

What are you gonna do ?
What are you gonna do ?

Your cross is burnin'
You toss and turn and
You wonder if the pain is worth it

What are you gonna do ?
It’s all up to you who-ooh-ooh ?

Chorus repeat (fade out…
…fade in)
You got to Love
Love yourself
Love, Love, Love, Love yourself
Track Name: Certain As the Sun
Certain As The Sun

Verse I:
I closed the door to something more
I didn't know, I could not see

Ignored the signs
Only to find, myself in deep
I could not breath

Pre-Chorus I:
Mother, mother hold my hand
I’m a sad and lonely man
But they'll be peace when I am done

Chorus I:
I’m Certain As the Sun
That shines on everyone
Love is where I’ll be…
‘cause love is where I’m from
Now ride on the waves of the one
I’m Certain As the Sun

Verse II:
She sees at night,
She see me run
Far from the light aphelion
She sees a boy return a man
With cradled koi in crippled hands

Pre-Chorus II:
Mother’s dream she comforts me
With magic tales of victory
There’s no place that I’d rather be than home

Chorus II:
I’m Certain As the Sun
That shines on everyone
Love is where we’ll be…
‘cause love is where we’re from
Now ride on the waves of the one
I’m Certain As the Sun

backups (She's sees the sun) repeat
Mother’s dream she comforts me
With magic tales of victory
Track Name: All Around the World
Chorus I:
Heaven knows
I’d like to go
All Around the World (repeat 4x)

Verse I:
I had a ship, my very own ship
I took my ship and sailed her away
I took a hit, a very big hit…
and ended up in a real strange place

Pre-Chorus I
You know you've lost your mind
When everything you see is somehow a sign

Chorus repeat

Verse II: (cheerleaders scream)
Give me a “J”… “J”
Give me a “U” … “U”
Give me an “M…P”
Jump for Joy !!!

Give me a “Y” … “Y”
Give me a “U” … “U”
Why…You…Crazy Boy !

Pre-Chorus II:
Sick thoughts of razor blades
A psycho-sullen acid bath parade

Thirsty for some warmth and water on an endless sea
Yes there's water all around me that's the irony
Met a beggar on his knees (he) said nothing here's for free
Then again if that were true then where would we all be ?

Chorus repeat
Track Name: Way Back Wednesday
Verse I:
Hello my darlin' how are you feeling
I can't believe it's true
You said you were leaving
Gave me no reason
What am I gonna do

Pre-Chorus I:
I’m not prepared to let her go
and I need to know

Chorus I:
Way Back Wednesday
She loved me yes she did
Seven days of mystery
Is all that I can take…
'cause Way Back, Way Back...

Verse II:
Why are you hiding
What are you fighting
Or is this something else
Something beyond us
Pulling in reverse
Illusions they never end

Pre-Chorus II:
Are the stars the ones to blame
From the dark I call her name

Chorus repeat

I can’t believe that you would walk away from me
You know my personality
Anxiety, my blood it rise like mercury
Is this a choice or prophecy ?

Chorus repeat
Track Name: Holiday (Love your Way)
Bonnie lost her job today
and her poochie Fritz
Bonnie needs to get away
Before she loses it

Chorus I:
Gonna send some love your way
Gonna take you on a Holiday
Pack it up we'll leave today
Gonna take you on a Holiday

Some days can make or break you oh my dear
That's why I’ve got to get you far from here
You lie awake at night 'til 3
Then wake up with anxiety

Chorus repeat

So let's go !!!

Bridge 1:
Round 'n round we go
When to stop we'll know (4x)

Bridge 2:
Let magic in
Just like a friend at your doorstep
Let magic in
Time to begin to live your life
Come on get high

Chorus (partial) out
Verse (partial) out
Track Name: The Same Sun (The Uni-Verse-All Song)
Chorus (Core-of-us);

'Cause it's the Same Sun
That's shining on me
That's shining on you
That's shining on me

'Cause it's the Same Sun
That's shining on us
There's magic enough for everyone


End Vamp
Yeah, Yeah dat Same Sun
Track Name: Goodnight Moonlight
Goodnight Moonlight
Goodnight, Goodnight Moonlight
Sleep tight